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Hi, I am Tiina.

My passion is to offer clients a chance a to save money first. If it's important to eat clean nutrient dense foods, I can help! This is an important value to my family, too

My innovative approaches and expertise offer manageable ways to get back in kitchen. Utilizing local resources, farmers markets or local community CSA's builds communities and reduces the footprint we leave behind. This is essential in having more nutrient dense whole-foods for nourishing our bodies.

These foods are crucial in boosting our moods, reducing inflammation,  assisting our digestive system. My goal is to empower my clients and give them the tools to feel confident in the grocery store and in the kitchen.

My support comes with the love of creating meal plans and using simple recipes that are kid-friendly. Any meal plan can be built around sensitivities and allergies that are common in our foods, today. These include foods are dairy, nuts, soy, gluten, but not limited too.

If you would like to eat organically and stick to a budget? Let me support you on your journey in becoming more resourceful and creative with meal planning and prepping.

I look for recipes that offer ease and success to each of my clients. If you are tired of “Fraken” foods and want to explore ways to eat cleaner? I would love the opportunity to be a guide on this journey!

If this resonates to you...Contact me!

Bend, Oregon 97702

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