The Vision

Tiina-Portrait at Bend, Oregons Farmers Market

Is there a healthier version of your best self?

The vision is to guide and support my clients with nutritional  goals and challenges. For 5 years plus, I continue to learn more techniques to empower clients by showing them how to take small steps to remove the challenges and achieve their goals. I provide my clients with ways to connect to healthier foods using a more whole food approach to their meal plans. This results in a healthier lifestyle that is absolutely affordable, too.

Let Me Help Uncover Your Best-Self Now


My innovative outlook and up to date knowledge offer manageable menu plans as well as ways to enjoy getting back in the kitchen. I offer local food resources, connections to our farms - seasonal farmer markets or local community CSA's. This is a sustainable method to build communities and reduces the footprint we leave behind is very important for our overall wellness. When we connect to our food and resources we gain more nutrient dense whole-foods for nourishing our bodies and our souls.

Healthier foods choices are essential when we look at ways to boost our moods, reduce inflammation, and aiding a healthy digestive system. I want my clients to have the tools to feel confident in the grocery store and in the kitchen. Let's create a plan that fits into your daily routine and lifestyle. 

The support I offer comes with a love of creating budget friendly meals and plans using simple recipes that are also kid-friendly. Any meal/plan can be built around sensitivities and allergies that are common in our foods, today. These common foods are dairy, nuts, soy, gluten, but not limited too.

Are you tired of packaged 'Franken' foods and want to explore ways to eat cleaner? I would love the opportunity to guide and support you on your wellness  journey!