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Our Community

My love for connecting with the community is so important. Getting out there and building relationships to collect the rubber inner tubes is always an adventure. The Motoshop is has been one of the most amazing teams and always has tons of tubes for me. I love attempting something challenging like designing a dress from skateboards and bearings. This makes the wonders of recycling so interesting when working with unusual mediums such as skateboard. I loves to collaborate with a local Artist known as Zoey who adds her paint style to these beautiful runway pieces to help raise money for Realms Charter School in Bend, Oregon. We have created several designs over the years for the Rubbish Renewed show and Realms Charter School. Check out this event around the winter holidays. 

I have a love for the skateboarding community.


I have partnered with this Central Oregon Sk8Share to assist in building a wider donation base to support the cause. This allows for many of us to share the love for skateboarding with Under Supported Youth in the community. These kids may not be able to afford a skateboard or safety equipment but Central Oregon Sk8 Share makes sure it is provided for them through reaching out to donors and then gifting these kids.  These kids have an opportunity to be part of this amazing skateboarding community here in beautiful Central Oregon.  

Check out some of the funky sustainable designs that I created for the runway.

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