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Family Packages

If you want to save time and $$$ look no further...I am offering healthy nutrient dense whole foods to feed your family and create more ways to spend quality time as a family. Also, If you're a family that experiences sensitivities or allergies to certain foods we can accommodate these needs with just the right balance of ingredients with a delicious whole food or a plant based meal plans to support your family's lifestyles.


Initial consult w/ introductory services include a weekly meal plan, grocery list and recipe to follow.

Interested in learning about what I have to offer? This introductory service is a great way to get started working with me.


Initial consult  for 1 hour 

Check out the different family plans…the current weekly rates being offered at this time.


  • Grocery shopping 1-2 hours 

CSA opportunities, Local farms, Locavores and other options available. Personalized plans, protocols and medical recommendations are followed whenever necessary.


Add an extra service to your families package...

  • Weekly Meal prep + weekly meal plan + recipes 


  • Weekly Meal prep + batch cook + storage plan – 2-3 hours 

    Premium Family package


  • Weekly Grocery shopping + Meal prep + batch cook +recipes + storage plan -3-4 hours 



The cost of these plans may look differently. Depending on the needs to personalize or tweak an individuals or the family’s plan or package. Meal prep and batch cooking may have an effect on the cost depending on where the food is prepared and cooked.  Some client’s may need Tiina McDermott Nutrition Consultant, LLC  may need to support a client in their home where others will not.


As we discuss and create a plan that will suit the needs of each client we will find a successful way to offer the most empowerment out of every package to the client. This will give the client a sense that they have the tools to tackle a meal plan that will ultimately offer them to feel nourished. By utilizing an holistic approach with nutrient dense whole foods this allows each client comes out feeling empowered. These goals and nutritional services leave a client feeling like they have a skillset to create a healthy meal plan on their own.

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