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Eat Well ~ Live Well

Let me be your nutrition guide...

Let's make small steps to big achievements. Get started on a journey to a healthier you!
  • Feeling overwhelmed or confused? 
    Most folks who are new to nutrition may feel overwhelmed or confused by all of the different information that is available.

  • Lack of support?
    It can be difficult to make changes to your diet and lifestyle without support from your friends and family.


  • Fear of failure?
    Most people mention that they may be afraid to se
    e a nutritionist because they are worried about failing to make the necessary changes to their diet and lifestyle.

My 7+ years of Functional Nutrition using a holistic approach has helped many of clients find success. I stay up-to-date on the latest nutrition research. This way I can create personalized meal plans that are both nutrient-dense and budget-friendly.

Let me help boost your mood, reduce inflammation, and support a healthy digestive system through healthy lifestyle choices. I'll give you the tools you will need to feel confident in the grocery store and in your kitchen.

Ready to achieve your nutritional goals NOW?

Schedule a free consultation today!
Tiina McDermott standing at the Bend Framers market
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