Here's what people are saying...

"I struggle with my energy due to a head injury, so I recently hired her to help me with meal planning/prep and grocery shopping. She saves me enough money on groceries and take-out meals to pay for her help. She is making it easy for me to get healthy meals on the table and have pre-prepped food that my teenagers will eat. She puts her all into helping others, and I can’t recommend her enough."


"I am so thankful for Tiina and can’t express my gratitude enough for the valuable tips she shared with me. She helped me design a meal plan for my specific dietary needs. Having her guidance has helped me put my health first and live a healthier lifestyle by understanding nutrition labels. She has a lot of great ideas and tips!!

Many many thanks to Tiina..."

D. W. 

"Tiina's coaching helped get me out of a real rut. I was stressed about food and felt like the world's worst cook. Since I've been working with Tiina, I've learned how to read labels, plan my dinners and lunches, learned at least a dozen new recipes and I'm making much more mindful choices about food. My skin is cleared up since I've cut out a lot of bad stuff. Now I understand the hype about eating Whole Foods.  It doesn't have to be that hard, and the best part is the positive vibes and encouragement I get from her!"

H. K.

"Tiina really helped me after I discovered several dietary intolerances. She introduced me to new foods and showed me how to cook them. I have noticed a huge changes in my digestive system, less bloating, energy. It's changing my overall quality of life. You don't realize how important diet is until you talk with Tiina."

L. B.

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