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Are you eating healthy?

Whole Nutrient Dense Foods
Are You Eating Healthy?

What does eating healthy look like for you? Do you eat a rainbow of colors?

I like to know I am eat well and the best way to do this is stay and shop on the outer perimeter of grocery stores.

Check out the local resources to connect to local farms and farmers markets to help reduce the footprint while increasing the nutrient value of your bounty. Here's a link to see what farms and ranches are closet to home Eat Wild website.

I like to eat a variety of veg and fruit but try to be mindful of the season when I am making my purchases and meal plan.

If you need support with creating more healthful meal plans please don't hesitate to reach out. We can meet virtually to learn more about my services.

Check out more family & budget friendly meal ideas at Tiinas_Table

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