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Did you say 'ACV' apple cider vinegar?

Do you know what ACV means when people say it? Well, it means apple cider vinegar and this stuff is truly amazing. Get ready to pucker because this vinegar will definitely have you making faces or you might absolutely love the taste.

I think this vinegar is super flavorful and brightens the taste of many dishes. There are many people out there with lots of ideas of how to best use this magical ingredient. I love using it for marinades, salad dressings and sometimes in a wonderful tonic...I will tell more about later.

The big deal with apple cider vinegar is that is a fermented vinegar which offers many gut health benefits. Here is a study demonstrating the effects it has on lipids and our blood sugar levels. (study link) This vinegar has been getting lots of attention with around the benefits of our heart health, too.

I have been recommending this wonderful ingredient to my clients for improving their gut and heart health. They have been reporting back to me by sharing their lipid panels and it's been showing remarkable improvements. On top of the benefits they are enjoying the different recipes and the tonic I make for them.

apple cider vinegar

I love this ACV and also Bragg's makes an apple cider vinegar with the mother offers more active ingredients that even more supportive of our overall health as the studies keep showing. It always safe to choose a product that is NON-GMO (Not Genetically modified) and organic whenever possible.

To learn more about their products visit or go follow their Instagram @fairchildsvinegar.

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