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Today I Choose To Be Still

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Daily Mantras

Taking time to meditate and self care is so important in completing our overall health.

What sort of steps do you take to be sure to honor and create boundaries in your day?


Here are 7 Health Benefits of Meditation I have experienced since I began meditating...

  1. Meditation has began to relieve my anxiety.

  2. It is helping with improving my balance throughout my day.

  3. Meditation has quieted my mind while supporting me through stressful moments.

  4. It teaching a practice for my brain to teach me focus and concentration.

  5. Meditation allows me to be calm and mindful.

  6. It have been learning breathing techniques I can do anywhere.

  7. Meditation as developed techniques to rewire and create techniques to avoid negative self-talk.

This shows the importance of making meditation a part of our daily regime. The health benefits can help improve so many areas that it can be critical to improving and sustaining our wellness as well as our mental health.


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