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Importance of Good Nutrition

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Meditation Mantras
Good Nutrition = Rainbow of Fruits & Vegetables

Eating the rainbow is essential to our overall health. It supports our heart, immune and hormone health to reduce the risks of disease and illness. Learning about the clean 15 and dirty dozen can help with making this a more affordable lifestyle & meal plan to add to your daily protocol. Check out EWG for this list of foods.


Seven key principles to a healthy diet according to The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by:

  1. Eat the "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables.

  2. Reduce your exposure to pesticides.

  3. Eat to regulate the blood sugar levels.

  4. Do not over consume meat and other animal foods.

  5. Eat the right types of fats.

  6. Keep your salt intake low and your potassium intake high.

  7. Drink a sufficient amount of water each day.

References: Murray, M., Pizzorno, J. and Pizzorno, L., 2005. The Encyclopedia Of Healing Foods. New York, New York: Atria Books, p.p 17.

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