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Holy amazing BOK CHOY!

Doing the try 5 challenge and added another food to our list.

Damn, this is a knock out recipe for this vegetable that gets overlooked and forgotten.

I added a little heat with crushed red chili peppers and Tamari for umami flavors to really pop.

There are so many wonderful flavors and health benefits with this gorgeous leafy green vegetable.

Studies show that eating more cruciferous vegetables can reduce and lower the risks of developing lung, prostate and colon cancers.

BOK CHOY is also one of the fruits and vegetables you will find containing the mineral selenium.

When we eat fibrous foods we feed the healthy bacteria in our guts.

These are also known as prebiotic foods.

Eat one cup of Bok Choy for its nutrient dense other health benefits. Imagine that!



Sesame garlic Bok Choy



2-3 Bok Choy split in half and washed

Sesame Oil

Red chili flakes



Tamari Sauce or use Coconut Aminos


Cut bok choy in half and wash. Then chop onion and garlic set in pan with sesame oil. Warm in pan to medium high heat and add the bok choy. I poured 1 tbsp of tamari on each side of the bok choy as it was cooking and then I added the red chili flakes for some heat. Be careful everyones tolerance can vary to the heat. I use tongs to serve and enjoy.

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