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Superfood Yogurt Bark

Ok…have you heard of yogurt bark?

Well, this yogurt bark is immune boosting with skin & collagen adaptogen superfood. Did you know it could be so healthy. Not only does the yogurt offer wonderful benefits to our guts health but we have literally leveled this bark up to SUPER!

It’s like a sweet date that keeps giving.

Want to make your own follow the recipe below.




2 cups of whole fat plain yogurt (Nancy's Yogurt)

2 tbsp Organic jam or preserve of choice

1/3 cup of frozen or fresh fruit

2 tsp Plant Collagen (YourSuper)

Medium size mixing bowl

Spatula or spoon

9x9 pan or container

How to make:

Begin with yogurt, elderberry boost and plant collagen. Mix well till all ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Pour yogurt mixture into pan with parchment paper and spread it out. Then add dollops of jam around and move or swirl with knife making fun designs.

If using frozen fruits:

Place in zip lock back and use a meat tenderizer to break until small pieces and bite size and sprinkle on the top of the yogurt mixture with the jam.

Place in freezer overnight for best results. Cut into squares or bite size bits.

Serve and enjoy.

Pro tip:

Use parchment paper for ease of removing bark from pan and to make cleaning a snap!


Please let me know if you try this recipe and what modifications you did to make your bark SUPER.

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